Realized 2015: InfraCore® traffic bridge, Muiden/NL

InfraCore® Company

InfraCore® Company was created in 2015 with a clear mission and strategy: to find, develop and market new cross-sectoral product-market combinations and to create new business opportunities, in close cooperation with key strategic partners, based on the worldwide patented InfraCore®  technology and on the proven track record of FiberCore Europe.

InfraCore® Company is a subsidiary of FiberCore Holding:

Board FiberCore Holding

  • Simon de Jong (founder)
  • Jan Peeters (founder)
    Ingenieursbureau Nieuwe Materie

Management FiberCore Holding

  • Simon de Jong
  • Jan Peeters
  • Jan Kroon
    Managing Director FiberCore Europe
  • Stefan Bakker

Shareholders Fibercore Holding


Oostdijk 25
3077 CP Rotterdam/NL


Mauritskade 64
1092 AD Amsterdam/NL


Weverskade 110
3147 PA Maassluis/NL


Oostgaag 49
3155 CE Maasland/NL

Awards, certificates

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Tech-25 company FEM Business & Finance
  • Innovatietraject InfraTech Belgie 2010
  • Building Holland Award 2010 (nominated)
  • PRIMA Ondernemen Award 2011 (nominated)
  • AVK Umweltpreis 2011
  • WNF Clean Tech Star 2013 (nominated)
  • InfraTech Halftime Award 2013
  • Waterinnovatieprijs 2014
  • MKB innovatie top 100, 2015
  • IABSE Outstanding Paper Award, 2015
  • Tech Tour Top 40, 2015
  • Tech Tour Top 20, 2016
  • Ir. J. Peeters “Structural Engineer of the Year”, 2016
  • ISO 9001: 2018

FiberCore Europe was founded in 2007 with a clear mission: develop cost-effective solutions for the infrastructural sector, based on the worldwide patented InfraCore® technology. This has resulted in an unprecedented track record, with a wide portfolio of applications, such as various types of bridges, bridge decks and lock gates. More than 1000 heavy duty structures have been successfully delivered.

FiberCore Europe (FCE) has its own product & process development department, R&D, engineering and production. FCE is based in Rotterdam (NL), with direct acces to the river Maas, enabling the transportation of large structures also over the water.

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Jan Peeters is Group Manager at the Plastic and Rubber Institute at TNO.


Jan Peeters starts his own company, called Composieten Team BV, and starts developing and optimizing the InfraCore Inside technology.


The 1st publicly accessible FRP bridge in Europe (Harlingen, NL) is delivered to the Dutch department of Waterways.


Worldwide patents – birth of a winning concept.


FiberCore Europe is founded and starts delivering proof of the pudding.


Simon de Jong joins the team as co-owner, bringing years of experience in marketing, sales and market uptake.


1st First FRP 60 ton traffic bridge conform Eurocode NEN-EN 1991-2+C1/NB.


60 ton Traffic bridge Utrecht, crossing highway (142 m span).


60 ton Traffic bridge Muiden (World record resin injection 21 ton ‘single shot’).


real-scale testing and validation of damage tolerance of InfraCore Inside Technology by a certified testing institute (WMC) and witnessed by DNV-GL: no damage growth and/or structural failure following 100 year fatigue cycle after serious impact.


FiberCore Europe has its own management. Founding fathers Simon de Jong and Jan Peeters start a new company: InfraCore Company.


World’s Largest FRP lock gates (Wilhelmina Canal, Tilburg, NL).


More than 750 heavily loaded FRP structures succesfully delivered, generating an un-precendented track record of fail-safe cost-competitive robustness. These structures are installed worldwide: the Netherlands, Belgium, England, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, China, USA, ….


New applications based on the patented InfraCore® technology and the proven production systems: maritime, offshore, industry, energy and building systems.


Almost over 1000 heavily loaded structures realized in several countries. FiberCore Europe implemented five bridges with InfraCore® Inside in Australia. License signed by Canadian Mat Systems for InfraCore® matting systems in the oil & gas markets worldwide. FiberCore Europe realizes 50% growth.


On the JEC 2020 in Paris license signed with Orenco Composites for infra structures with InfraCore® Inside in the USA-market. Further expansion Certified Manufacturers InfraCore® Inside planned worldwide in many applications.

Financial relations

Participatiemaatschappij InnovationQuarter B.V.

Pr. Margrietplantsoen 32
2595 BR Den Haag/NL

Rabobank Rotterdam

Blaak 333
3011 GB Rotterdam/NL