Realized 2010: InfraCore® helideck Rotterdam/NL

InfraCore Institute

The InfraCore Institute has been created as a virtual open innovation platform, to even better understand and explain scientifically the intrinsic behavior of the InfraCore Inside technology and oblique layered materials in general.

The InfraCore Institute is based on a very close collaboration with universities and research institutes, such as University of Ghent, Technical University of Delft, Chalmers University, …

The InfraCore institute also participates in research projects, as to get the technology accepted, approved and certified:

  • the SureBridge-project is for example focusing on hybrid infrastructural applications, where FRP is combined with concrete and/or steel.
  • the EU-project RAMSSES is focusing on approval and Class certification of large SOLAS FRP ship structures.

The InfraCore institute is also refining and further optimizing the InfraCore Inside technology, thereby enabling even more product-market-combinations.


cost-effectiveness (industrialization/ automation, purchasing, operation)
production: hollow structures, novel constituent combinations, …
connections & durable load transfer
functional integration & performance tuning
Structural optimization, parametric design & option package generation (standardisation, esthetic, robustness, functionality)
damage tolerance & fail safety
Structural health monitoring, diagnostics, …
– containment and storage: fire, LNG, blast, shock, crash, …
– certification, validation