Realized 2016: InfraCore® lock gate, Tilburg/NL
Licences available!

The InfraCore Inside technology offers a standardized and modular structural approach, which enables the realization of proven and validated cost-effective (both OPEX/CAPEX), easily scalable, lightweight, durable, maintenance free, heavy duty, damage tolerant, load bearing FRP structures.

Detailed InfraCore technology:

InfraCore Inside has successfully solved one of the major challenges of the FRP community: make delamination of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) sandwich structures, especially due to fatigue after impact, inconsequential.

Unique selling points of InfraCore Inside Technology are:

  • proven technology
  • inherent (off-design) fail safety and damage tolerance
  • non-structural core: potential for added functionality OR hollow structures
  • cheaper, lighter, stronger than comparable conventional FRP solutions


InfraCore IP ® technology is fully protected worldwide and comprises the following patents:

  • brand
  • technology
  • production methods
Licences available!

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